We invite you to participate in the new series of events as part of the Global Charity Race. Here are the most important information:
  • The competition takes place in the form of a Grand Prix cycle – each month from November 2020 to June 2021 is a separate competition and an opportunity to collect Grand Prix points.Each month you can enter the competition once in each event.
  • By completing the registration form, you select the discipline, register (in the given time period) the chosen distance using a device that enables recording via GPS (or via the Datasport app), attach the file with the track record to your profile and then check your place on the results list.
  • You can compete in the fight for prizes or “for fun” – your score will be listed but you will not be competing to win.
  • Each month we award the Grand Prix points to the top 10 women and the top 10 men in each event.
  • In June (from 01-15/06/2021) the Grand Prix Final will take place, during which the scoring for the first 10 places in each event will be doubled.
  • Attention! Only those who took part (not only enrolled, but also actually completed a given event) in at least 3 months of the Grand Prix competitions (in each of these months, in at least 1 event) would be allowed to take part in the Grand Prix final.
  • The events in which you are able to take part in are: 1 mile run, 5 k, 10 k, half marathon, marathon, 10 k with a dog, 5 k nordic walking, 40 k cycling, 10 k cross-country skiing, 10 k ski touring and 20 k ski touring. Additionally, you can take part in the following disciplines: 40 k cycling trainer, 1 k rowing ergometer and 1.5 k swimming.
  • Invite a friend to participate and get 2 extra points! (The amount of points for the invited people may not be more than half of the score in a given month).
  • There is a time correction for altitude differences. The following applies: every 10 m difference in elevation is awarded with a reduction of 18 seconds from the result, every 10 m difference in elevation is awarded with a reduction of 6 seconds. For cycling 40 k, ski touring 10 k and ski touring 20 k respectively: every 10 m difference on the ascent is a bonus of 18 seconds, at the downhill (downhill) – no bonus.
  • Time recording can be done either by using the Datasport application or by manually uploading a .gpx or .tcx file with a track record of the event to the results panel.
  • Scoring system for each event, in each of the months from November to May:
    1st place – 25 points, 2nd place – 18 points, 3rd place – 15 points, 4th place – 10 points, 5th place – 8 points, 6th place 6 points, 7th place 4 points, 8th place 3 points, 9th place 2 points, 10th place 1 point. In June (01-15.6.) the points will be doubled: 1st place – 50 points, 2nd place – 36 points, 3rd place – 30 points, 4th place – 20 points, 5th place – 16 points, 6th place – 12 points, 7th place – 8 points, 8th place – 6 points, 9th place – 4 points, 10th place – 2 points.
  • Participation fees can be paid in 3 different ways: for a single event in a given month (according to the rule: 1 mile – PLN 10, 5 k – PLN 15, 10 k and 10 k with a dog – PLN 20, half marathon – PLN 25, marathon – PLN 35, 5 k nordic walking – PLN 15, 40 k cycling – PLN 20, 10 k cross-country skiing – PLN 20, 10 k ski touring – PLN 20, 20 k ski touring – PLN 20, 40 k cycling trainer – PLN 20, 1 k rowing ergometer – PLN 20, 1.5 k swimming – PLN 20 You can buy a subscription for PLN 39 for all months for given events or for PLN 99 for all months for all events.
  • 70% of the value of funds collected from entry fees (minus the operating costs for the technical operator Datasport) is allocated to Global Academy – we support gifted youth from villages and small towns.
  • Every month (including the Grand Prix Final June 1-15.) prizes are awarded to 3 people who collected the highest amount of points in a given month. The rule for awarding the prizes is the start of at least 50 people in a given month (including all events).
  • After the end of the entire Grand Prix, the top 3 people in terms of the total number of points accumulated in the period from 01/11/2020 to 15/06/2021 will be awarded the Grand Prix main prizes.

    We might award more competitors.

By participating in the race, you will contribute to the creation of the Global Academy.

How it works?


By registering on the races website, you choose the discipline and distance in which you want to compete. Income from starting fees in 2020 and 2021 will be allocated to the creation of the Global Academy

How can you measure your time? You have two ways:

If you know that you will run with your phone, install an application that will immediately send the results of your run to the organizers!

Link for iPhone: Apple App.

Link for other devices: Android App.

Here are the instructions for using the application – read it carefully before attempting to register a run [sureDatasport Manual]. Just before the race, log in to your account, select the distance (if you are going to register only a specific event and you have received the appropriate QR code by email, just scan it to start the registration), click „start”, after finishing the run and clicking „finish” the result will be saved in the system and the ranking will be calculated.

You can also register your result by using a GPX or TCX file exported from other websites, such as „Endomondo” by downloading it from the appropriate page (instructions for the most popular websites can be found in the panel for adding results). This option will allow you not to take your phone for a run. After downloading the file, enter the results of a specific event, click „Add your score”. A form for adding the result and photos will open. The result file should be selected there, the ranking will be calculated automatically. Measurements are accepted from a specific time interval. For example, if a competitor runs, for example, 22 k, the result will be „cut” to 21.1 k.