We would like to express our sincere thanks to:

  • All of you who decided to create the Global Academy with us. Especially to those who took part in our initiative by competing in event or events, and those who expressed their support by paying a donation, sharing posts or even liking them.

  • We would like to thank our dear Ambassadors, people who by their example encouraged others to join and, of course, all the organizers of the runs – events that took place in many cities, in several countries!

  • Thank you for your support and the patronage of the event through GOPR.

  • Special thanks to the great Partners of Global Charity Race 2020: Garmin Polska, Ledlenser, Datasport, Solve Labs, Soft Sol, Elektrowarm, This-1, Leki Polska, Salco, I-Dog. 

Thanks to you, we managed to collect the amount of PLN 6,560.

As we informed, the plan of our activities now assumes sending the selected schools tests to be carried out in schools by young people under the supervision of their PE teachers.

We did initially consult selected educational units – the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic means that, unfortunately, it is necessary to postpone the start of tests to improve the general situation, enabling schools to start specific activities.

After completing the tests, from the group of young people who will pass it positively there will be selected 2 groups of finalists: basic and reserve. The qualification finals for the Academy will take place in 2021 during training camps at our base in Beskid Żywiecki. The main part of the training camp will take place at the athletics stadium under the supervision of qualified coaches. General development training, focusing on motor skills and natural movement, will take place in the forests and on paths at the Global Academy base.

As a reminder, the first edition of GCR 2020 enabled people to start in the discipline of running on the following distances: 5 k, 10 k, half-marathon, marathon, 10 k running with a dog. The final classifications of the competition can be found here: ARCHIVAL RESULTS GLOBAL CHARITY RACE 2020. The time frame for the performance of the race (runs) was the period 15.07-31.10.2020.

We’re not taking time off! With the end of the 1st edition of the Global Charity Race, we started the GCR 2020/21 Grand Prix. We hope that not only all of you, who have already participated in the GCR will join, but also those of you, who have failed so far, but perhaps supported the initiative in a different way – e.g. by liking or sharing the posts. Now you can turn your sympathy into the concrete action and participation in multiple events! Sign up here: REGISTRATION FOR GRAND PRIX GCR

What is the Grand Prix GCR? We explain everything in the tab GRAND PRIX GCR

The first edition of the race

The first edition of the GCR 2020 enabled to start in the discipline of running on the following distances:

  • 5 k – 20 PLN

  • 10 k – 20 PLN

  • 21 k – 25 PLN

  • 42 k – 35 PLN

  • 10 k running with a dog – 20 PLN

  • 10 k race with a disability – PLN 20

in the women and men category in the time period: 15.07-31.10.2020



Garmin Polska: 10 smart activity trackers with wrist heart rate and GPS vívosport®

Solve Labs: natural supplements: 10 x Keto Creatine, 10 x Shroom Force and 10 x Myco Shield

I-DOG: sports equipment: 2 x belt Canyon, 2 x ONE set (waist belt + suspension rope), 2 x Opale suspension rope

Salco: 10 x voucher worth PLN 100 to be used in the online store

Softsol: 10 vouchers for 2 nights with meals (breakfast + dinner) in the Jałowcówka agrotourism in Beskid Żywiecki

Ledlenser Polska: headlamps: 2 x MH7, 2 x MH5, 2 x NEO6R, 2 x SEO7R, 2 x SEO7R, 2 x SEO5

Elektrowarm: shoe dryers: 10 x model sb-3 D, 10 x model sb-3

Leki Polska: poles

This1: natural bars