In the first, 2020 GCR edition you can race on distances:

  • 10 k – 20 zł

  • 21 k – 30 zł

  • 42 k – 35 zł

  • 10 k with a dog – 20 zł

  • 10 k with disability – 20 zł

in categories for man or woman in the period of time from 15.07 to 31.08.2020. Fill the registration form, choose the desired distance, register (in the given period of time) the run using the device with GPS technology (or via Datasport App), upload the file to your profile and check the results. You can race on each distance once – just register again and proceed the above steps. You can start either in the fight for prizes or in “for fun” category – your result will be listed but you won’t compete for reward.